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Book Writing Space offers expert interview-based book-writing services, aiding entrepreneurs, executives, and experts in the process of writing and publishing their books.

Book Writing Services

Book Writing Space, the leading ghostwriting service, caters to entrepreneurs, executives, and experts seeking to publish a polished book reflecting their own words and voice, without the inclination or availability to personally transcribe it.


How can I publish a book without actually writing it myself?

Plan Your Book

Assemble Your Publishing Team

Book Writing Space brings together a publishing manager and the perfect ghostwriter.

Craft Your Story through Interviews

Over a few weeks, your ghostwriter from Book Writing Space gathers the knowledge required to write your book.

Revise and Approve Your Book

Once the rough draft is complete, you'll engage in one round of revisions.

Create Your Book

Supervise Your Cover Design

Your team at Book Writing Space will design a cover based on your ideas, feedback, and final approval.

Create Your Interior Layout

Book Writing Space will construct a professional interior layout with your desired look and feel.

Publish Your Book

Publish and Distribute Your Book

After determining your precise publishing goals, Book Writing Space will position your book for launch.

Secure Your Marketing Strategy

Book Writing Space will prepare a custom marketing plan tailored to your goals and target audience.

1,000+ Authors across 25+ different industries have unlocked their wisdom with Book Writing Space

Who Not How
The Last Black Unicorn
Can’t Hurt Me
Never Lose a Customer Again

"Book Writing Space Pro is the best of both worlds. It was still my voice, it was still me sharing my ideas and expertise, but having guidance to share them more freely and then put them into a structure."

-Emily Johnson, Author of The Adventure Within