Book Writing Space Method

How can I write my own book within a year?

Book Writing Space Services

We provide you with guidance, accountability, and support in your Book, enabling you to focus solely on writing!

Book Writing Space Method

How can I write my own book within a year?

Plan Your Book

Define Your Strategy, Outline, and Positioning

Book Writing Space will assist you in defining your idea, audience, and objectives, and creating an outline.

Attend Kickoff Workshop

You will participate in a workshop at Book Writing Space, where you will position your book, create an outline, and receive feedback.

Receive Full Guidance and Accountability

Through weekly coaching, accountability, and review sessions at Book Writing Space, you will stay on track and complete your writing.

Create Your Book

Oversee Your Cover Design Book

Writing Space will develop a unique cover design based on your vision for the book.

Create Your Interior Layout

We will meticulously design a professional interior layout that aligns with your goals.

Publish Your Book

Publish and Distribute Your Book

At Book Writing Space, we will work with you to determine your distribution goals and select the appropriate retail channels for your book's launch.

Lock Down Your Marketing Strategy

Book Writing Space will help you establish the best positioning for your book and provide you with a step-by-step plan to execute your marketing strategy.


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"This experience has transformed my life. I have never encountered such an incredible team. I can't fathom attempting to write a book without the invaluable support, expertise, and affection of my peers."

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