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Book Writing Space understands the significance of ensuring your powerful story reaches the people who truly need it.

With our Audiobook services, we offer an additional interactive medium for your audience to engage with your content. Our dedicated team guides you throughout the entire audiobook creation journey, from recording to post-production and distribution, using the same exceptional standards we uphold in our publishing services.

for 10 months, $48,000 total

What's Included in the Book Writing Space Audiobook Service?

The Book Writing Space Audiobook service encompasses all the necessary components to connect you with a professional narrator or guide you in speaking it yourself, recording, producing, and distributing it globally.


Indicate the preferred voice for your book that resonates with millions of listeners when they envision it being read aloud. If you opt to narrate on your own, we will personally equip you for the process, ensuring the delivery of the finest performance for your book. The average audiobook recording consists of 2-5 sessions, with the duration varying based on your book's length. Typically, this process spans 1-2 weeks.


Every audiobook undergoes a meticulous post-production procedure facilitated by two engineers: an editor and mastering engineer, as well as a quality control and spot check engineer. Our team of experts ensures that audiobook files are meticulously prepared in line with distribution specifications. We maintain constant communication with you throughout the process, keeping you informed of the progress as we produce your audiobook.


Distribution is managed by our partners at Author's Republic, enabling widespread availability on more than 50 platforms, including Amazon, Audible, Apple Books, Apple Music, and Spotify. Sales from all platforms are conveniently tracked within a user-friendly dashboard.

Optional Add-Ons

Distribution Only—$1,500

For Authors who have already created an Audiobook version of their book and possess audiobook files ready for upload that meet publishing standards. Book Writing Space will modify your cover to meet audiobook specifications, arrange distribution through Author's Republic, and upload all the necessary files. After the upload is finished, we will guarantee precision and consistency across all platforms.


How the Book Writing Space Audiobook Process Works

We have a proven process to source the best possible narrator to be the voice of your book, then record, produce, and distribute your audiobook on all popular platforms where audiobooks are sold.



To kickstart your audiobook journey, provide us with detailed information about your preferred narrator. The more specific, the better. With an extensive network of narrators, we'll find the perfect match who can capture your voice and has relevant industry experience. If you decide to narrate the book yourself, our Publishing Manager will work around your busy schedule to plan recording sessions. Before recording begins, we utilize Pozotron to identify potentially challenging words in the manuscript. Each word is then paired with a recorded pronunciation, which is referenced during recording and post-production.



The initial day is dedicated to familiarizing oneself with the recording studio, establishing comfort, and refining the voice for your book. Throughout the reading, a director ensures that the narration meets the required standards, maintains accurate pronunciation, and maintains an appropriate pace. The director's role is to elicit the best performance from the narrator, leveraging our collaboration with top professionals in the field to achieve outstanding results.


Post Production

An editing engineer carefully listens to the recording, making necessary adjustments to pacing if required. They also remove any background noises, pops, or distractions. Next, a QC engineer takes over, acting as a second layer of quality control to ensure that no errors have slipped past the editing engineer. The objective is to ensure seamless and imperceptible edits to the recording. Once post-production is complete, you'll have an opportunity to review the audiobook. If additional recording sessions are deemed necessary, we'll schedule and remaster them accordingly.



Your audio files are uploaded for the review process. Once approved, your audiobook is distributed to various retailers and typically becomes available within 5 weeks. Approximately 2 months after the audiobook's release, you'll have access to sales reports for each platform.

Who Should Publish an Audiobook?

  • Authors who have written a non-fiction or fiction book.
  • AAuthors aiming for maximum audience expansion.
  • Authors comfortable in the Book Writing Space, narrating their own story or hiring a professional narrator.
  • Authors interested in embracing technology and accessibility advancements.
  • If your book heavily relies on images and graphics, like a cookbook.
  • If you solely seek an audiobook marketing service.
  • In truth, we advise all non-fiction or fiction authors to publish an audiobook alongside their physical and eBook versions. After all, why would you opt out of reaching over 45% of your readers who prefer audiobooks over physical copies?


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I estimate the duration of my audiobook?

Dividing the word count by 9,000 will provide an estimate of the book's final running time. For instance, a typical 50,000-word manuscript (200 book pages) will result in approximately 5.5 hours of finished audio.

What is the production time for an audiobook?

Book Writing Space can deliver a retail-ready audiobook within 3-4 months from the agreement signing.

How long does the recording process take for an audiobook?

Professional narrators record at a close to 2:1 ratio, meaning that for every 2 hours of recording, 1 hour of audio will be used. Authors or newer narrators tend to record at a 3:1 ratio, which extends the recording time. That's why we recommend authors to work with one of our professional narrators.

I intend to narrate my audiobook. How should I prepare?

Long-form narration can be demanding. To prepare, spend ample time reading your manuscript out loud, and restarting sentences if mistakes are made. You can also utilize annotation software to provide subtle reminders for breathing and highlight challenging words.

While many authors prefer using their own voice to narrate their book, in most cases, we highly recommend collaborating with one of our professional narrators to ensure your audiobook meets all the required audio standards and offers an equally enjoyable listening experience as reading.


The ideal Audiobook begins with the ideal narrator.

You specify the precise voice description. Be it a profound Scottish accent or an energetic falsetto, we will discover the narrator who fits that voice. We handle the recording, production, and distribution of the book internally. A unified team manages it all. We simplify the process of recording your audiobook and present you with a professionally produced audiobook, prepared for global release.